No Time to Waste: IV the Polymath’s New vs Old

The homie IV Polymath is back at it again.  For those of you that don’t know, the music game is a constant grind.  If you’re hungry, not just for money but for the passion, then you would be just like this man.  Constantly working with other artists, digging through more music, and of course, contributing his own brand of music to this planet.Earlier this year, IV Polymath already dropped two albums, Push IVward and Spill.  With no time to waste, he’s already released another project, New vs Old.  If you’re looking for another LMFAO! or Pitbull club banger, please redirect yourself back to Google. IV Polymath’s New vs Oldis not for commercial purpose.  It is a beat tape.What’s a beat tape you say?  It’s an album with no lyrics, just beats.  Some people can’t sit through an album with no lyrics, but I can’t sit through an album with whack beats.  Everyone digests music differently, but for me, I first decide if I like the instrumentals before taking a deeper look into the lyrics.

Sitting through a beat tape is kind of like taking a musical journey through the mind of a musician.  For the musician, it is like capturing a moment in time, archiving your skill and emotions at any giving point in time.  After asking IV a few questions, I feel like I was right there with him.

For IV, this album captures his musical evolution and honors a loved one.  I got a chance to check in with him, so I figured I’d share some of his thoughts on music.

1. Why is your new album called New vs Old?  Any story behind it?

Well this one is kind of a midway point between where I’ve been and where I’m headed musically.  I wanted to introduce more live instrumentation than usual.  I come from a musical background first, so I’m excited to get back to that and have it play a major role in evolving my sound.  For me going forward, sampling is just a piece of the puzzle and not the whole picture.
The other part of the story is that “New vs. Old” is dedicated to my Godfather Melkote K. Shivaswamy.  He passed away unexpectedly this summer and I wanted to do something in his honor.
2. Favorite Music Sample?
Gotta go with Kool & The Gang “Summer Madness.”  One of the best of all time to me.

3. Any secret place where you dig for music?
Definitely – there is a local shop here in Muncie, IN that has crazy dope vinyl for cheap.  I remember getting Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns in mint condition for only 2 bucks!  I also got Bob James “One” and “Two” mint for the same price.  The owner is a great guy & always keeps a fresh stock of jazz, funk and soul.
I also have a handful of thrift shops I like to visit here in town.  Of course it’s always hit or miss and so you have to be persistent, which I am.  Once I found a DJ’s neglected collection of rare northern soul 45s for 50 cents a piece!  About 60 records total not including doubles.
Last but not least, I’ve got an online shop I like to order from when the weather is bad.  Since it’s a secret I won’t name names, but this place has everything including 12″ singles with acapellas for great prices.  I’ve definitely dropped a lot of money there.

4. How do you go about naming your instrumentals?  Feel free to include any examples from this current album…
Well some are real random and others have a lot of meaning.  ”Neem Stick” came about because I was literally chewing on a neem stick while making the beat.
“Manhattan” was created immediately upon my return from a NYC trip.  I got to go digging for records with junclassic and we also visited Audible Doctor at Fat Beats right before they closed down the physical shop.  I still felt the electricity of the city and that’s why the beat is so upbeat and energetic.
“The Recipe” came about as I was trying to perfect a particular style.  I had all the ingredients necessary to make a dope beat: self-played organic percussion, percussive bass, keyboard leads, a dope sample, and some driving drums.
5. Any updates since I last checked in with you… any plans for the future… or anything you would like to tell our followers?
Definitely a lot going on right now and even more to come in the future.  I’m working on a handful of projects with various emcees that will see the light of day in 2012: a new album, an UnderCurrent album with junclassic, an EP with Praverb the Wyse, and a full-length with a dope young emcee from New Mexico that I think a lot of people will like.  I’m also organizing and producing a collaborative project that will give 100% of proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Last, but not least, I started working on a new instrumental album the day that New vs. Old was released so I’ll continue to release solo projects in the future.
Something a lot of people might also be interested in is that in 2012 I’ll be doing monthly mixes for people to enjoy.  Vinyl-only jazz/funk/soul mixes as well as mixes with more current instrumental music – all for free and all available at my website  I’m also going to be doing monthly beat-making videos on my YouTube channel [ ] due to the great feedback the initial videos received.
So yeah, without a doubt, there will ALWAYS be something exciting going on and I encourage people to get involved!  You can stay in the loop on Facebook [ ], Twitter [], YouTube [], & of course my website [].  The mailing list is also a great place for exclusive content – folks can sign up by emailing “subscribe” to ivthepolymath(at)
Aside from all that I would just like to say peace and thank you to everyone who supports what I’m doing – I see you all and I appreciate you!  Also, don’t wait for the 1st of the year – be the person you want to be.  No excuses.




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