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Best of Fresh Off the Beats 2011

From the F.O.B. staff to all the artists and readers, thanks for your support and another good year y’all!  With everyone adapting to their new Facebook Timelines, we thought it might be a good idea to assemble a few highlights for 2011.  Below is a summary of the Fresh Off the Beats blog coverage for 2011.

Get ready, because we’re going to party like it’s 1999 and raise the roof off this mother in 2012.  Party responsibly people.

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  1. From Earl and Tyler to Frank Ocean, OFWGKTA (Odd Future/Wolf Gang) destroyed all other topics of interest on the Fresh Off the Beats blog.  If you don’t know, get on it!
  2. Bay Area Filipina Queen, Rocky Rivera has been doing her thing this year, droppin her street album Pop Killer.
  3. Have you recently seen ATCQ videos available in Red Box?  Best rental out there for a buck-something.  Well, Mick Boogie gets down with his mix Excursions Rarities and Remixes of A Tribe Called Quest available for download FREE.
  4. Bambu and DJ Muggs dropped their street mix.
  5. The Roots recently released undun, so I believe this will climb up in popularity after receiving more hits.  It is not only musically spectacular, but also a thoughtful piece.
  6. Kendrick Lamar came out with Section 80.
  7. The Less You Know, The Better is DJ Shadow’s newest project.


  1. Do you enjoy going to Coachella or have you always wanted to go, but have not had the opportunity?  In 3 Days of Coachella, a-Proxy captures his experience and shares it with you in a 3-part collection of mixes.
  2. Add some reggae/dancehall into your collection.  We found and shared DJ Vlad’s Dancehall Murda mix.
  3. Host Blog Jockey Delfonik shared a few of his creatively-themed mixes for the year (Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Mix, I Bleed Cali, and Xmas Mashcabash 2).
  4. I, Flip Uno, recorded a blend of original breaks to share with my friends, named Grown Folks Music.  Since they liked it, I posted it up here for you.
  5. Nate Dogg passed away.  RIP.  Two mixes took the hearts of many G-Funk fans.
  6. K’naan and J Period came out with the Messengers Mix
  7. DJ Inform’s Fair Use Project was a turntablist/crate digger’s dreams


  1. Depakote is a talented music maker based out of Garden Grove, California.  Not only does he have great skills as a musician, he has a story to tell.
  2. Our friends, Grillade, have been creating a lot of buzz in the bay area and beyond.  We shared a few tracks from them.
  3. IV the Polymath has been getting busy all year, dropping three projects in one year.  Check the man out!
  4. Prosthetik Intelligentz have strongly maintained its position on our popular list, and they have just dropped two new projects (posts on their way).
  5. Avila Santo shared some of his music with us this year.  Check him out!


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